SAVE THE DATE: Prof. Tove Malloy’s inaugural lecture at the Europa-Universität-Flensburg

On 2 November 2017, the ECMI Director Prof. Tove Malloy will hold her inaugural lecture at the Europa-Universität-Flensburg.

To mark her appointment as an Honorary Professor, Prof. Malloy will deliver an inaugural lecture on the 2nd of November 2017 at 17:00 at the university campus (Helsinki Building, Room TBA). The lecture, entitled “The dynamics of minority-majority relations in Europe: Emerging paradigm shift, or old wine in new bottles?” will focus on ethno-cultural groups linked to the formation of the ‘nation-state’ system in Europe, i.e. national, linguistic and religious minorities.

The welcome notes will be delivered by Prof. Monika Eigmüller, Vice President of the Europa-Universität-Flensburg. A small reception will take place after the lecture. The event is open to the public, please register your attendance at


While minority-majority relations are usually linked to conflict and protection in academic research, there is emerging evidence that contemporary minority narratives speak to new discourses and thus challenge the paradigm of peaceful co-existence. Through the lens of discursive formation, new discourses may be identified around other notions of stability, such as cohesion and citizenship rather than forceful state control. In so doing, they are perhaps replacing the notions of security and justice by democratizing minority-majority relations through new norm-setting. Alternatively, they may simply be reiterating the previous aims of state control cloaked in new contexts. This lecture will focus on ethno-cultural groups linked to the formation of the ‘nation-state’ system in Europe, i.e. national, linguistic and religious minorities. It will discuss the legacy of peaceful co-existence as the predominant paradigm for minority-majority social and political relations in democratized and democratizing societies in the 21st Century. It will question whether there is evidence of an emerging paradigm shift in minority-majority relations that might put us on a track of both a new research agenda on ethno-cultural issues and perhaps a new understanding of diversity management.

About Prof. Dr. Tove Malloy

Prof. Malloy is a political theorist by background, specializing in the political and legal aspects of national minority rights and protection in international law and international relations, especially in the European context. Her areas of expertise cover the major international organizations, the European Union and a number of individual countries. Prof. Malloy is currently a member of the Council of Europe’s Advisory Committee on the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities elected by the Committee of Ministers in respect of Denmark, and she serves as the Committee’s Gender Equality Rapporteur. She is the author of National Minority Rights in Europe (OUP, 2005) as well as numerous articles on national minority issues. She currently edits an Oxford University Press series on non-territorial autonomy. She holds a doctorate in Government from the University of Essex, UK.

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