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Book: Analyzing autonomy cases around the world

“Autonomy Arrangements Around the World: A Collection of Well and Lesser Known Cases” invites scholars, researchers and practitioners to engage in identifying, researching and analyzing as many operational autonomy arrangements as possible, with special focus on the lesser-known cases. Continue reading

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ECMI in the news: Tove Malloy on the Bonn-Copenhagen Declarations (Grænsen)

How can the Bonn-Copenhagen Declarations be useful today? The ECMI Director Tove Malloy weighed in on the subject during an interview… Continue reading

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ECMI Library Acquisitions – February 2015

As of February 2015, one can also find the following titles in the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) Library in Flensburg… Continue reading

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Examining minority protection through an interdisciplinary lens

A prime example of how the ECMI approaches minority protection issues through an interdisciplinary lens… Continue reading

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The European Yearbook of Minority Issues celebrating 10 years

Malloy, Tove H. and Joseph Marko (eds.), Minority Governance in and Beyond Europe. Celebrating 10 Years of the European Yearbook of Minority Issues. Leiden and Boston: Brill Nijhoff, 2014, 222 pp.
Reviewed by William McKinney, European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI)
January 2015 Continue reading

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