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Indigenous Peoples and Roma Mediation: the latest ECMI EPP activities in Ukraine

The ECMI EPP team is back from Ukraine and their latest activities in Kyiv. The team organised two seminars focusing on indigenous peoples and Roma mediation in the beginning of April. Continue reading

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The Roma in Moldova: ECMI Report 69 is now online!

The ECMI Report #69 is authored by Dr. Raul Carstocea and Dr. Andreea Carstocea and focuses on Roma communities in Moldova. Continue reading

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ECMI Working Paper #96 is released

The ECMI Working Paper #96 is now online. The paper authored by Dr. Alexander Osipov and Dr. Hanna Vasilevich focuses on Transnistria as a model of post-Soviet diversity policy. Also relevant: the article by Dr. Vasilevich features in Panorama of Global Security Environment 2015-2016. Continue reading

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CfA: ifa CrossCulture Internship

ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) announces the call for applications for 2016 regarding the CrossCulture Internships programme Eastern Partnership and Russia. Being a part of the IFA network, the ECMI acts as one of the hosting organizations within Germany. Continue reading

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ECMI Annual Report 2015 is now online

The Annual Report 2015 of the European Centre for Minority Issues is now available online. The report entitled “Changing Order and New Dimensions” provides overview of the past year’s ECMI activities and affairs. Continue reading

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