Seminar:“Minorities, Media and Intercultural Dialogue” on 18-19 January in Flensburg

ECMI Announcements - European Centre for Minority IssuesThe seminar Minorities, Media and Intercultural Dialogue takes place on 18-19 January at the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) in the Kompagnietor building in Flensburg.

Academics from a range of disciplines and countries will take part in the Minorities, Media and Intercultural Dialogue-seminar that takes place in Flensburg in January. The participants will join forces in trying to reach the aim of the seminar.

The aim is to develop a conceptual and practical framework for analyzing public media. More specifically, for analyzing how media are or may be instrumental for intercultural dialogue and social cohesion, when promoting information about minorities as well as majorities.

The focus is on public media: the combination of traditional public service broadcaster (PSB) and its electronic form – as for instance the BBC Homepage.

Creating a media and minority professionals’ forum

The seminar will bring together scholars from various professional and disciplinary backgrounds that are active in the area of media and minorities. It will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, and identify possible opportunities for cooperation.

ECMI will also seek to identify new areas for innovative research in the area of media and intercultural dialogue. In parallel, ECMI will explore funding opportunities for possible follow-up activities.

ECMI will invite contributions to its existing publications: The Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe (JEMIE) and the European Yearbook on Minority Issues.

The organizers’ preliminary thoughts, the work structure, themes descriptions, and the publications and follow-up plans are included in the downloadable draft programme.

So far, the list of suggested themes of the seminar includes:

– New media as public media
– Intercultural dialogue as integration of the minorities through the media
– State responsibilities in an evolving media environment
– Specific challenges of divided societies

Download the draft programme

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