Promising platform frames “indicators” project

Action, research and documentation (ECMI Synergy Wheel stories) - European Centre for Minority IssuesECMI’s “indicators” project made a good start in 2013. A solid knowledge platform was established for the project’s onward journey.

The “indicators” project of the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) has been in the pipeline for a while. It aims at providing a tool – a set of indicators – for measuring the impact of the national minority instruments of the Council of Europe.

More specifically, the indicators are meant as a tool that the Council of Europe experts can use during their missions. The two main national minority instruments are the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM) and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML).

In July 2013, ECMI laid the foundation. An expert workshop was gathered in Flensburg, and the participants provided ECMI with the necessary platform of knowledge, experience and ideas that it takes to move the project forward.

FCNM Working Group
The Expert Workshop on National Minority Indicators took place on 6 July at Kompagnietor in Flensburg. Photo: John Petersen

Subsequently, the workshop organizers and ECMI researchers at the time, Dr Federica Prina and Ugo Caruso, put together the results of the work in a report. This platform of knowledge – the report – is still kept as an internal working document.

Within ECMI, the project has this rather long working title: Piloting Indicators for the Implementation of the FCNM and the ECRML.

Fundraising for the project’s further destiny is foreseen to be the next step.

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The 6 July workshop

The workshop in Flensburg took place on 6 July. Practitioners and academics of different disciplines discussed the methodological and practical implications in designing effective impact indicators that measure state compliance in terms of outcome.

The discussion were framed by Professor Rainer Hofmann (The Advisory Committee of the FCNM) who outlined the difficulties in the work of the FCNM monitoring body, and by Mahulena Hofmann and Professor Stefan Oeter (The Committee of Experts of the ECRML) who highlighted some of the issues existing before, during and after ratification of the ECRML.

The following took part in the workshop(s):

Bill Bowring (Birkbeck College, University of London), Malte Brosig (University of the Witwatersrand), Joshua Castellino (Middlesex University), Fernand De Varennes (Observatoire international des droits linguistiques), Robert Dunbar (University of Edinburgh), François Grin (University of Geneva), Mahulena Hofmann (University of Luxembourg), Rainer Hofmann (Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main), Christina Johnsson (Raul Wallenberg Institute), Emma Lantschner (University of Graz), Roberta Medda (EURAC), Simone Penasa (University of Trento), Adrian Schäfer-Rolffs (University of Hamburg), Michal Vasecka (Masaryk University), Balazs Vizi (National University of Public Service, Hungary), Alejandra Morena (ECMI Kosovo), Tove H. Malloy (ECMI), Federica Prina (ECMI), and Ugo Caruso (ECMI).

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