New demography figures in Kosovo are significant for minorities

Action, research and documentation (ECMI Synergy Wheel stories) - European Centre for Minority IssuesNewly released census results are significant for minorities in Kosovo. The results can change the political arrangement and decision making power of minority groups, says ECMI Kosovo’s September Newsletter.

Parts of the Kosovo legislation allocate rights depending on the relative volume of the minority population. This is the reason why some have been eagerly waiting for the census results. One example is the Law on the use of languages. It prescribes a five percent minimum of minority language users within a municipality, in order for the language to obtain official status.

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics has published the final results of the Population and Housing Census conducted in April 2011. The results are the first internationally recognized census data for Kosovo since 1981.

The data provides detailed and accurate information on the total population and by municipality. The data include essential updated information about the housing, demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population.

Boycott by northern municipalities

Kosovo’s northern municipalities are excluded from the final results. The municipalities are dominated by Serbs that boycotted the census.

Without the northern municipalities, Kosovo has a total of 1.739.826 residents, of which 92.93 % count themselves as Albanians.


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