Three grants ensure ECMI’s commitment to the Meskhetian repatriation process

ECMI Organizational - European Centre for Minority IssuesThree new grants back ECMI Caucasus’ continued support to the Meskhetian repatriation process in Georgia. Ministries and Meskhetian communities can count on ECMI assistance in the next 15 months.

ECMI and its partners uphold the deep and long term involvement in the Meskhetian repatriation process in Georgia. In ECMI Caucasus lingo this third round project is called Meskhetian III. The longer title uncovers the current focus: Facilitating Civil Integration and Promoting the Rights of the Repatriated Meskhetian Community in Georgia.

The project is built on experiences from Meskhetian I & II projects. These projects have an own website. While Meskhetian I documented the challenges of the Meskhetian communities in more countries. Meskhetian II facilitated the process of resettlement and integration in Georgia of returning families.

The Meskhetian III is directed towards capacity building for the now existing Meskhetian community in Georgia. The community should preferably function as a bridge to integration for the repatriates. In order to sustainably pursue this and other goals, the organizations within the Meskhetian community will be offered trainings in:

– Advocacy
– Documentation
– Human resource management
– Fact finding
– Georgian policy
– And more

The processing of applications for the repatriate status takes place within The Repatriation Unit of Georgia’s Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons, Refugees and Accommodation (MRA). Also this processing will be covered by the project. Yet, around 90% of 9.500 applicants have not been granted the repatriate status.

Partners and sponsors

The largest grant comes from the EU European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights. The project, Facilitating Civil Integration and Promoting the Rights of the Repatriated Meskhetian Community in Georgia, will be implemented together with the lead partner Accion contra el Hambre (ACF).

A second grant comes from the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities. It will cover activities of the MRA Repatriation Unit.

A third grant from the US Government will allow for preparation, publication of information, and for training of the Meskhetian community leaders.

For a thorough introduction to the Meskhetians and to ECMI’s involvement, read The ECMI Synergy Wheel © spins in Georgia in ECMI Annual 2011 page 5-7

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