History and Minorities: ECMI is a Part of the New Research Network

The ECMI is a part of the new network on Historical Minority Research, established by the Sorbian Institute in Bautzen.

Last week the ECMI Junior Researcher Sonja Wolf attended the kick-off workshop for a newly established network – Network for Historical Minority Research (Netzwerk historische Minderheitenforschung) taking place in Bautzen, Germany.

The new network was established by the Sorbian Institute in Bautzen and has the goal to serve as a “cooperative network of researchers and academic institutions and organizations working on minority research and history in the German speaking realm”, as well as a platform for new projects and publications.

Representing the ECMI, Sonja Wolf presented The Minority Map and Timeline of Europe (MMTE), an open access interdisciplinary and interactive research tool. Following the presentation Ms. Wolf discussed with the participants the common topics of interest and possible initiatives, especially in terms of data. The workshop ended with brainstorming on further joint initiatives of the network and future events.

The ECMI is dedicated to form wider networks of cooperation with various institutions and organizations on the topic of minorities. Read more about the ECMI networks here.

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