European Committee of the State of Schleswig-Holstein will visit the Kompagnietor

On 7 February 2018 ECMI will host the Committee on European Affairs of the State of Schleswig-Holstein at the Kompagnietor.
With the start of a new legislative period, the members of the committee will familiarise themselves with the work of the ECMI and our current activities. The ECMI Director Prof. Tove Malloy and the research team will present the ECMI projects implemented in 2017.

The Committee will hear about various projects, including those implemented in cooperation with the Government of the State of Schleswig-Holstein. In addition to being one of the funding parties of the ECMI, the government of Schleswig-Holstein is also an active partner and supporter of the ECMI’s initiatives in the Danish-German border region and other regions:

One of the most recent collaborations supported by the Schleswig-Holstein State Chancellery is the Minorities in Western Balkans project, which was implemented in 2016-17 together with the GIZ and FUEN. Focusing on Roma communities, the project aimed at sharing practices on access to social rights for vulnerable groups between Schleswig-Holstein and four Balkan states. Read more here

The ECMI Summer School 2017 on National Minorities and Border Regions marked the anniversary of 25 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Georgia. With the support of the State Chancellery of Schleswig-Holstein, 10 Georgian participants received scholarship to attend the course in Flensburg. Read more here

The Schleswig-Holstein State Chancellery was also represented at the ECMI Side Event at the OSCE Ministerial Council in Vienna. Some of the successful practices of addressing minority issues in Schleswig-Holstein and the Danish-German border region were also highlighted in the ECMI Report on “Dynamics of Integration in the OSCE Area: National Minorities and Bridge Building”. Read more here

About the Committee
The European Committee covers topics such as the analysis of European support programs, the impact of EU policy on rural development in Schleswig-Holstein, questions of marine policy, and the division of responsibilities in the European multilevel system. The Committee places particular emphasis on the area of the East Coast Cooperation, particularly its participation in the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference. Questions on the development of democracy and the protection of minorities in the Baltic Sea are regularly on the agenda.
In addition, the European Committee is also responsible for federal affairs, in which the States primarily participate through the Federal Council. On these issues, too, the European Committee is in close contact with the State government and is regularly able to report on emerging developments in the federal economy. The cooperation with the North German States offers a good platform to be heard at the federal and the European level.

Read more about the Committee

Prof. Malloy briefs European Committee of the State Schleswig-Holstein

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