ECMI Working Paper #62 released

ECMI Publications - European Centre for Minority IssuesWorking Paper #62 identifies challenges that researchers face in studying Roma minorities in contemporary Europe. It is edited by Annabel Tremlett & Aidan McGarry. The Paper is available online.

Challenges facing Researchers on Roma Minorities in Contemporary Europe: Notes towards a Research program. This is the full title of the first ECMI Working Paper © released in 2013.

The Paper’s core service is to identify and collate four major challenges within Roma research. They require, according to the authors, further research and should draw the attention of any researcher in the field.

With the issuing of Working Paper #62 the authors’ expressly hope that it will provide contents for deliberation and discussion for future research on and with Roma people.

Addressing Academia

This working paper seeks to draw in a wide range of academic readers by contributing to debates around research on Roma minorities. This ambition is pursued in two ways.

  • The working paper highlights the importance of different disciplinary perspectives side-by-side.  It also encourages joint dialogues among academics, practitioners and stakeholders and interdisciplinary papers. According to the authors, such dialogues encourage new and fresh debates and force us out of any disciplinary or theoretical silos.
  • Interdisciplinary discussions should not come without a strong commitment to critique.  By critique the authors mean a critical exploration of the wider practices, theoretical frameworks and debates within which the work is embedded or speaks to. The Working Paper #62 and the four challenges identified in it should be seen in this light.

ECMI Working Papers © from European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI)

ECMI Working Papers are written either by the staff of European Centre for Minority Issues or by outside authors commissioned by the Centre. As ECMI does not propagate opinions of its own, the views expressed in any of its publications are the sole responsibility of the author concerned.

The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) is a non-partisan institution founded in 1996 by the Governments of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the German State of Schleswig-Holstein.

ECMI was established in Flensburg, at the heart of the Danish-German border region, in order to draw from the encouraging example of peaceful coexistence between minorities and majorities achieved here. ECMI’s aim is to promote interdisciplinary research on issues related to minorities and majorities in a European perspective and to contribute to the improvement of interethnic relations in those parts of Western and Eastern Europe where ethnopolitical tension and conflict prevail.

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