ECMI Library Acquisitions – February 2013

ECMI Library Acquisitions - European Centre for Minority IssuesAs of February 2013, one can also find the following titles in the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) Library in Flensburg.

Aiken, Nevin T., Identity, Reconciliation and Transitional Justice. Overcoming Intractability in Divided Societies, 264 pp.
Appetizer and further data.

Benhabib, Seyla, The Claims of Culture. Equality and Diversity in the Global Era. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2002, 245 pp.
Appetizer and further data.

Gallagher, Tom, Modern Romania. The End of Communism, the Failure of Democratic Reform, and the Theft of a Nation. New York: New York University Press, 2008, 430 pp.
Appetizer and further data.

Wimmer, Andreas, Ethnic Boundary Making. Institutions, Power, Networks. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2013, 293 pp.
Appetizer and further data.

The ECMI Library is an independent collection of books, journals, and grey literature of more than 3,000 items covering many aspects of minority issues.

The highly specialized collection offers public access to a variety of materials in more than twenty languages on inter-ethnic relations, language and cultural diversity issues and ethnic conflict in Europe.

The Library is especially strong in the area of minority protection with regards to international law. It also includes a useful reference section and a considerable number of published and unpublished reports dealing with the subjects mentioned above.

In addition to this, the ECMI Library is unique in that it includes an ever-growing number of annual reports of Ombudsman offices around the world, which provide insight into the human rights situation in many countries.

Current periodical and newspaper subscriptions reflect the multidisciplinary nature of ECMI research.

Reference services are provided both in-house and for the general public. The ECMI Library is physically at Schiffbrücke 12 in Flensburg Germany, and online via the ECMI website.


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