ECMI Caucasus supports interethnic youth tolerance club

Action, research and documentation (ECMI Synergy Wheel stories) - European Centre for Minority IssuesECMI Caucasus has decided to support the Tbilisi based interethnic youth tolerance club. A time limited economic boost shall keep up the motivation of the active youngsters.

In the months to come, the interethnic Tolerance Club of Tbilisi, Georgia, will be supported by ECMI Caucasus. The Club includes youth organizations of 18 minorities. Particularly, the youth of smaller minorities like Yezidi, Assyrian, Greek, Bulgarian and Jewish communities are active in the club.

The Club has sections for music, dance, song, and for art. ECMI will support the sections’ work and also offer lectures on minority rights and non-discrimination.

The interethnic Tolerance Club is based in the Tbilisi Jewish House premises, under the auspices of the Council of Leaders of National Minorities Organizations.

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