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What are effective international mechanisms and local realities? EPP Day 2

The second day of the EPP final conferences ends with the main message “minority rights are integral part of human rights”. Continue reading

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ECMI Annual Report 2016 is now online!

A year in facts and numbers: ECMI work in 2016 is summarized in our recent annual report with the title “Building Bridges in Diversity”. Continue reading

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Migration Studies meets Minority Studies: updates from Villa Vigoni

National minorities and migrant communities, or ‘old’ minorities and ‘new’ minorities: what are the relationships between these groups and the respective protection mechanisms? ECMI and EURAC conference kicked off in Villa Vigoni. First insights from the event. Continue reading

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Language(s) and National Identity: the 8th ECMI Minority Roundtable

On 08 May 2017 the ECMI is organizing the 8th Minority Roundtable in the Danish-German border region. Continue reading

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ECMI student receives a prize for young scientists: discussing the refugee crisis and political rhetoric

How has the refugee crisis impacted the development of radical right-wing political parties in Germany and Austria? To explore this topic Juliane von Daak wrote her prize-winning MA thesis under the supervision of Dr. Raul Carstocea. Continue reading

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