2015 Minority Roundtable: Power of numbers

11128267_801951283235222_6980576133647957949_nOn 19 May, the sixth annual ECMI Minority Roundtable was held on the topic: “The power of numbers?”

Featuring a presentation by Adrian Schaefer-Rolffs, M.A. and doctoral candidate (University of Hamburg), and Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Schnapp (University of Hamburg) the event addressed the latest findings on the higher-than-estimated number of minorities in the border region, and the questions that have arisen about both minority politics and policy in Germany and Denmark:

  • Do the higher numbers of minorities in the border region require a redefinition of strategies for participation and cultural rights?
  • Do more members mean more political influence?
  • Does the broader geographical spread of minority families mean extended support for minority schools and organizations?
  • Do more speakers of a minority language mean greater accommodation of that language in the public space?
  • Should research cover other minorities in the border region?


The ECMI organizes a yearly Minority Roundtable with the four national minorities in the region. The purpose of the Roundtable is to discuss specific topics that have held salient positions in the life of the minorities during the past year. The Roundtable is thus a forum for exchange of knowledge and views about topical issues that concern the minorities and which have importance for the Centre’s research and future projects. Each year a specific topic is announced before the event, and a pamphlet is usually prepared afterwards to collect the ideas and thoughts that have been discussed.

For information on previous roundtables, visit the ECMI website.

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