What are minority rights? ECMI answers with an educational cartoon

What are minority rights? To answer this frequently asked question, the ECMI is releasing a cartoon for a wider public. The official launch of the cartoon will take place in Brussels on 14 October 2015. Continue reading

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Teaching in Diversity: a new EU project to be launched by the ECMI

Starting from December 2016 the ECMI is an official recipient of the European Commission grant within the framework of its Erasmus+ programme. The two-year long project “Teaching in Diversity” will be implemented together with ten different partners from eight European states. Continue reading

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ECMI Working Paper #94 released

ECMI Working Paper #94 is now online. The paper focuses on intercultural coexistence and cooperation and discusses transferability of the model of Schleswig-Holstein in other regions. Continue reading

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Prof. Malloy at the University of Groningen: “from ‘minority’ to ‘co-nation'”

On 5th of September 2016, Prof. Tove Malloy will deliver a lecture at a short symposium at the University of Groningen. She will talk about “the dynamics of Europe’s minority-majority discourses: From ‘minority’ to ‘co-nation’?”. Continue reading

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UPDATES from Lviv: the ECMI Summer School 2016 is in action!

The ECMI Summer School 2016 is currently running in Lviv. In the middle of the week, we asked some of the participants to share their impressions and thoughts. Continue reading

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